One thought on “Teaching her a lesson

  1. There was a similar case in OH which received attention early in the year.

    I googled about this case and found the mother has been jailed for using her father’s address to enroll her two children in the school district where he lived.

    …. The 40-year old Ohio mother of two is being sent to jail for using her father’s address to send her two daughters to a school in a better district. Williams-Bolar lives in a housing project in Akron, Ohio and had sent her children to school in Copley Township using her father’s address.

    Williams-Bolar’s father, Edward Wiliams, is also being charged with fourth-degree grand theft for stealing over $30,000 in school services for the two girls. Williams-Bolar herself will spend 10 days in jail and have three years of probation. Also, the judge in the case, Patricia Cosgrove, made it clear that she was using Williams-Bolar to set an example for other parents who consider doing the same thing. The judge went out of her way to tell the woman that she gave her jail time “so that others who think they might defraud the school system perhaps will think twice.”

    Besides being a single mom, Williams-Bolar was going to school part-time to hopefully get a better job as a teacher. The judge noted that because Williams-Bolar has been convicted of a felony, she will no longer be allowed to teach in the state of Ohio. Therefore, the punishment that she and her girls will face is set to last a lifetime. (My empnasis)

    I remember that one of the arguments for throwing the book at her was that some children of tax paying residents might not get on a sports team or other school activity if the illegal child made the team, might not get the same attention from teachers if a class were a student or so larger, etc.

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