4 thoughts on “Massive tornadoes in Alabama

  1. Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or what, but all I get is dead air from the video.

    I hate to be cold, but isn’t this one of the states whose representatives think we should’ve let New Orleans sink and that fight tooth and nail against any positive movement on climate change (which is producing these wildly more intense storms). I’m sure they’ll reject all Federal assistance.

  2. @Ron… Yes, I am sure the “political climate” caused the destruction of these storms. By what I gather from your opinion, Alabama deserved the tornadoes because it is a “red state?” I doubt they will reject Federal assistance, because “red states” get more Federal assistance than blue states. FEMA and the Feds let NOLA sink, buddy. I get REAL TIRED of the monolithic paint that the South is just a region of dumb asses and red necks. Why? I have traveled the entire country and have done business across this great land and I can conclude dumb asses and red necks are EVERYWHERE.

    But, I do agree that climate change ( mostly the melting of the polar regions) has a lot to do with the wild weather.

    With all due respect, Boohunney

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