Cops busted for selling steroids

And just to make it worse, more cops in the U.S. are using steroids. ‘Roid rage = more, worse police brutality! Three cops just charged here:

As federal prosecutors tell it, Philadelphia Police Detective Keith Gidelson had a lucrative side business running a network that illegally distributed anabolic steroids and human growth hormone.

In an indictment unsealed yesterday, Gidelson, 34, and 14 others – including Philadelphia police officers Joseph McIntyre, 36, and George Sambuca, 25 – are accused of conspiring to distribute anabolic steroids and HGH since September 2009.

The three cops – sporting tattoos and bulging biceps – were arrested early yesterday and taken to federal magistrate court in the afternoon.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey called it “another dark day” for the department. The arrests bring to 26 the number of city cops who have been charged with crimes since 2009.