6 thoughts on “Royal wedding

  1. It’s not 1950 (ca. Elizabeth’s wedding) when we had the world’s largest middle class and could indulge ourselves in royal fantasies. It’s 21st century ‘Amerika’ brought to you by Doritos Brand and GE. It’s very hard to OOoo and Ahhh about the handsome prince and his commoner bride, when you’re at the broken end of the bottle 24/7.

  2. Hell no, I don’t care. The south has been devastated by horrific storms that wiped out small towns by the dozens, and at latest count, some 300 folks lost their lives, not to mention the livelihoods from the businesses that have been erased. Does our give a shit? Nope, they’d rather spend the air time on a fantasy to distract us from the real-time issues that concern millions of Americans. Fuck the wedding!

  3. I taped it — but woke up to catch part of the wedding. I wanted to hear the music.

    Unfortunately, Katie Couric viewed the music as a time for chit chat, at least while I was watching. Drat, that’s the station I taped.

    Maybe the music will be put on YouTube….

    I did like Kate’s dress. Also her sister Philippa’s dress. Very nice. Some wild hats.

    Meredith Vieira’s fascinator, something furry or downy, fluffy feathers in grey, brownish tones, kept sliding down the side of her head. Looked like a little fluffy animal trying to nest on a difficult slope.

  4. BTW — do most of the guests also go through three dress changes to manage the cathedral ceremony, the Queen’s luncheon, and then the evening reception/party?

  5. It looks like the Brits had a good party. Good for them. As for the rest of the world that tried to crash it, Meh!

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