Do you believe in magic?

Krugman is upset that so many people in the media are praising Paul Ryan’s plan – which, as he points out, has no chance of working as proposed:

Once again, let us wonder at the way this plan has been treated by the commentariat. A guy says, “I care deeply about the deficit!” And then he releases a plan that depends on finding $3 trillion over the next decade from some unspecified source — oh, and he comes from a party that has a 30-year track record of promising to reduce the budget deficit but actually increasing it.

And everyone takes him seriously!

2 thoughts on “Do you believe in magic?

  1. Ryan is the MCM’s (Mainstream Corporate Media) newest in thing, their new darling. And he’s somewhat telegenic.

    This is the group that listened to Trump respectfully and gave him big time free air time.

    Maybe last night they turned on him, but, just wait, there will be someone with something they’ll just let blather on and on, listening respectfully.

    Gee, I wonder why ratings keep going down for their so-called news programs!

    But they are truly the types referred to in the aphorism that it’s hard to get a man to understand something he’s paid to not understand.

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