Got so much done yesterday. Two more bags of stuff to the Salvation Army, my desktop is finally clean, and we put together the “new” used brass bed I found on Craigslist. (It’s so pretty!)

I’m planning to paint my bedroom, too — as soon as I can settle on a color. My apartment had these paper-bag brown walls when I moved in; I liked them, but they didn’t go with anything I owned. So I painted my room what I thought was a pale ice blue, but it turned out to be lavender. An improvement, but not the color I wanted.

I have to say, these drugs are pretty amazing. After the past few years of being stuck, I feel like my old self again. I’m not only going out a lot more and meeting people, I’m actually getting things done. Soon I’ll be playing music again, and that thought really makes me happy.

5 thoughts on “Progress

  1. WOW!

    What is it again (and I realize each body reacts differently), Wellbutrin? Anything else?

  2. This is good to hear. I recently began taking zoloft and am hoping it helps me get back to feeling better and doing things.

  3. Just the Wellbutrin. I must say, since I’ve tried over a dozen different meds for my ADD (doctors kept telling me I was depressed, so they tried anti-depressants, too), I’d concluded that there wasn’t anything out there that was effective AND tolerable. The thing that interests me is that it works for my ADD, too.

  4. I went on Wellbutrin many years ago and it, along with a small dose of Celexa, changed my life. Some people have odd adverse reactions to Wellbutrin (rashes, agitation, sleeplessness). I was sleepless for about two weeks and then all the side-effects went away. I take the once a day 300 mg. generic buprion XL. For me, it had the added benefit of weight loss and much improved libido and sexual performance. Better living through chemistry! Congrats on finding something that works.

  5. I’ve lost about 15 pounds since I started, which I attribute to eating Atkins. But the Wellbutrin seems to keep me focused enough to diet, so it’s helpful that way.

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