4 thoughts on “The Dick Cheney Sentient Robot Heart Monologues

  1. He is still alive, while the four students he justified the Army gunning down forty-one years ago today are still dead. And not one god-damned blog other than mine across the slice of the cybersphere I monitor has mentioned the anniversary of the Kent State Massacre.

    This is how we forget.

  2. I’m fifty-seven today. Because of this, because of what happened on my sixteenth birthday, I joined the Army to learn how to fight back. Did a Tour of Duty, though we were promised otherwise. I was later Court Martialed for fraudulent enlistment and dishonorably discharged, with to this day no VA benefits.

    I don’t need a tattoo to never forget.

    Jimmy Buffet said it best, a long time ago…
    [S]he said Mama I’m fine if you happen to wonder,
    I don’t have much money, but I still get around;
    I haven’t made church in near thirty-six Sundays,
    So fuck all those West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gowns.
    [S]he’s a long ways away from those West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gowns.

    Four dead …

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