AARP is singing our song

Good. Maybe people will understand how important this is when they hear it from them:

AARP understands the urgent need to reduce the deficit and control government spending, but we also recognize that imposing arbitrary spending limits on Medicare and Social Security could significantly reduce benefits to current and future retirees.

The proposed limits on Medicare could force seniors to pay higher insurance premiums and co-pays, and threaten their choice of doctors and hospitals.

Imposing limits on Social Security could lead to cuts that could deny seniors the money they count on to pay for essentials such as groceries, utilities and prescription drugs.

Cutting Social Security would also break our nation’s commitment to provide the benefits our seniors have rightfully earned.

Instead of making harmful cuts to Social Security and Medicare, Congress should cut down waste, fraud and inefficiency throughout the health care system and target other wasted and inefficient spending, including spending through the tax code in the form of loopholes and other unnecessary subsidies.

AARP urges members and all Americans to contact their representatives in congress and tell them to oppose arbitrary limits that could force dangerous cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Contact your member of congress now!

One thought on “AARP is singing our song

  1. How interesting that AARP’s membership, who have consistently voted for those who now seek their destruction and were decidedly pro-health insurance during the Health Care debate, now see the handwriting on the wall. What’s that quote? “First they came for . . . and I didn’t stand up” etc. How applicable.

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