Rebuilding year, cont’d.

One of the newest members of Team Susie is my physiatrist, who did some acupuncture yesterday in my shoulder and back, and gave me prolotherapy injections in my ankle.

I first heard of prolotherapy a year ago, when someone told me I should look into it for my ankle. I did, and located a couple of doctors in the NJ suburbs who did it. As soon as I found out the price tag ($500 and up per treatment), I put it right out of my mind.

Fortunately, my physiatrist (yes, he’s a real doctor – he even teaches at a medical school) doesn’t charge any extra for the injection. Think about that: He doesn’t charge any extra for the injection, even though he could make five times the money if he wanted.

Anyway, he said the pain is where the ligaments attach to my ankle bone, and explained the prolotherapy will produce inflammation (and maybe pain as bad as the original sprain) which will lay down a new layer of collagen that should tighten up the ligaments and make my ankle less floppy (it rolls to one side).

I talk about this stuff in detail in hopes that someone else can use the information. God knows, I had to dig for it and I’d like to save other people the trouble.

The pain isn’t too bad so far. We’ll see how it goes.

5 thoughts on “Rebuilding year, cont’d.

  1. I’ve been thinking a physiatrist might be the answer for my feet-knee-hip-back thing. Because they seen to be very obviously inter-related. So I’ll be looking into that part of it, at least.

  2. wow. i thought about having prolotherapy a few years ago myself, and didn’t because of the monumental cost. hope it does you good!

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