3 thoughts on “Alan Simpson

  1. Simpson is a mean, lying sonofabitch, but he’s Obama’s mean, lying sonofabitch — why else did Obama name him as co-chair of the Obama-Peterson Cat Food Commission?

    Too bad our MCMers* are such mathematically illiterate people: One would expect these elite reporters and analysts to be able to explain in understandable terms to the public what the facts are about SocSec.

    But…it’s hard to make a person explain something accurately if his or her income depends on not explaining it accurately and understandably.

    *MCMers — Members of the Mainstream Corporate Media

  2. Obama would be well served to dump Simpson as soon as possible before his dementia gets too bad.

  3. I’ve really been practicing the fireball-shooting from my fingertips from a distance.

    I mean, there are so many evil putzes. So far, I don’t see any effect. I’ll keep trying.

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