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  1. this reminds me of the time I got laid off from UPenn. They sent me to “career services” to help find a job, where the useless woman I dealt with helpfully explained how to write a resume.

    “I already know how to do that,” I said. “I gave you a resume when i came by. What I need is a JOB.” She dug through my file and looked at it. “You’re right, you DO know how to write a resume. It’s very good.” [Pause] “Um… I guess i can put you in touch with some temp agencies?” she finally said.

  2. They need an excuse, something to refer to, when saying that veterans are having a hard time finding a job. Claiming they need job-hunting skills (’cause we all know that’s what we’re all lacking) takes the government off the hook for screwing up these veterans’ lives. Also it excuses the corporate sector from needing to create the jobs we all need but that they don’t want to provide so that the CEOs can maintain multi-million dollar salaries themselves.

  3. And, of course, there a millions (?), ok, maybe hundreds of thousands, of jobs going begging because the unemployed don’t have the skills the hiring companies want.

    I’ve asked every time I’ve heard that: OK, tell where those jobs are, politician dude, just tell what skills, what jobs. And…anyone heard that from any one?

    Now, it’s lacking “job finding” skills. Which used to said about mostly high school drop outs, welfare mothers, etc. Now, it’s being said about…all the unemployed.

  4. And today was a bloody Wednesday where I work with over 1/2 of my working group being laid off. Photographers, graphic artists, TV producers, and reproduction people. Probably somewhere around 50 or 55 people gone!

  5. I shake my head in wonder. It’s like my local congress critter hosting a seminar on training and how to get it. I mean, how much training is there for fry cook at McD’s, greeter at Walmart, or towel boy.

  6. Super-duper headline disconnect from the actual story.
    Job training is not job-skills training.
    They cannot even stenograph headline properly.

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