So as I’m outlining my novel (oy, what a lot of work! I have trouble shutting off my brain), I’m also reading a lot about the business end of getting an agent. One piece of advice is to pick an author you like whose style is similar to yours, and see who represents them.

Imagine my surprise when I looked up one of my favorite authors and the agent’s name sounded familiar. Turns out not one, but two of the people I know are represented by this same agent. So at least once I have something to show, I can get personal recommendations to at least one good agent.

3 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. That is so cool, susie! Just from keeping up with you, through this blog, I gather that the meds are giving you something that has given you yourSELF back. (<—did that make sense? Too wordy, I think.)

    For example, my brother was having some very difficult times with one of his (usually extremely sweet) teenage twin daughters. It turns out that they put her on a very light birth control pill and the difference is like between night and day.

    Sometimes we luck out and get the right remedy?

  2. Not surprised to read that you’re working on a novel. I’m starting the second draft of a novel and have spoken to some interesting authors and agents in the past few months. I’ll send you anything useful I read that might help in your agent hunt. One tip comes to mind: Don’t submit anything to a reputable agent unless you think it’s as ready as you can make it. OK, another tip: Make the cover letter sound provocative but don’t overdo it. We’ll talk about this one of these days.

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