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  1. Shall we start a pool on the number of dead or the number of years till the connection to Fukushima is acknowledged? What screams at me is the fact that the folks responsible for monitoring are cutting back on monitoring. hear no evil, etc etc.

  2. Susie, It would be nice if all entries had at least a specific topic shown, and a little bit of summary, even if only two or three sentences.
    Thanks, if you can do that.

  3. Susie;
    If I may be so presumptious, some of the links in the thread following that blog post lead to other info equally disturbing. One major one is a link to a television appearance recently by a Japaneese scientist famous for supporting Atomic Energy there who stated flatly that Fukushima Reactor #1 suffered a total core meltdown. I posted a quite snarky comment in that thread, but the core logic of it I defend, ie. the experience following Chernobyl in Russia led to lots of unanticipated consequences. Some of the info about fallout found absorbed into the tissues of animals far, far away from there raised red flags (no pun intended) about the long term effects. Chernobyl was only, what, 24 years ago? The effects of radiation exposure stretch out over centuries. As I said to one of the other commenters on that thread: “Think big! Humans are engineering the next step in their own evolution!”
    By the way, in the banner photo for your web site, is that one of the Mitford sisters, second from left?

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