Words of love

I’m still on my spring cleaning binge, and today I went through a huge stack of papers that were stowed in a box under my bed. In it, I found several printouts of emails exchanged between me and my significant other of some eight or nine years ago.

I thought I’d gotten rid of everything I had from that era (I know I did build a bonfire with my journals from that time), but these were three or four letters shoved in a box with a bunch of old legal pads.

At the time we were involved, I thought of us as star-crossed lovers, but when I read these letters again today with the help of several years’ distance, I was a little surprised. “Wow,” I thought. “He really was a selfish, dishonest jerk, and it’s all right there, plain as day. Why didn’t I ever see it?”

Liberals! We’re just so good at making excuses for people.

3 thoughts on “Words of love

  1. Been there. Done that. I’ve always thought fertility made me stupid about men. Being old has always felt like I finally got my brain back – at least for a while, lol.

  2. I know what you mean, I thought the same thing. But when I got on the Wellbutrin, my libido reappeared. Ruh roh!

  3. Ladies;
    Being a reforming MCP of sorts I must comment that when I finally gave in and started using some simple Hypertension Meds, my reproductive urges didn’t disappear, but my tumidity did. Ageing will do that to you. My wife and I adapted, and life goes on.

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