Barry Ritholtz is absolutely furious:

The ongoing attempt to turn the nation over wholesale to our corporate overlords continues apace. Leading the charge are the Republican harlots, who seem to have never met a corporate phallus they could not find new and clever ways to debase themselves to.

Aiding their charge are Democrat trollops, who have tried to out-GOP the GOP as fellatrix in search of campaign contributions. Ever since the Clinton-era embracing of Wall Street, representative democracy, at least as far as flesh and blood humans are concerned, has suffered greatly. We are a one party nation, morphed into a Corporatocracy, with laws and regulations written by the Corporate campaign donor, for the benefit of the Corporate donor. You humans are merely cannon fodder, who exist mostly to buy corporate products and pay taxes.

The national government has become a giant grift, populated by Jezebels and strumpets. We have a holodeck version of reality, a smash and grab financial policy, an endless stream of corporate giveaways, tax loopholes and bailouts.

That the sheeple tolerate does not mean they are dumb or foolish, but it does speak to the eradication of Democracy. The complete institutionalization of this process has created some angst, but an embedded policy of Bread & Circuses usually serves to distract the masses. We can throw the bums out every two years, but it matters little. A new set of bums merely push the buttons and pull the levers of the machinery — but it is the machine itself that has become so corrupted. To quote P. J. O’Rourke: “Voting just encourages the Bastards.”

Today, we learn of more Republicans blocking appointments to all manner of regulatory oversight offices. Because, you know, bankers can self-regulate. And Democrats lack the balls to ram through someone like Paul Volcker to oversee the 5 years-olds we call bankers. They would not want to offend the overlords. Rule 1 in modern politics: Never upset the donors.

3 thoughts on “Jezebels

  1. He may make good points, but I couldn’t fight my way through the sexist verbiage to find them.

    Calling our leaders “whores” is insulting to whores. Most of the sellouts are men, not women, simply because most people with enough power to be worth buying are men. The proportion of women with some integrity is way higher compared to their total numbers. (Elizabeth Warren, Sheila Bair, Shirley Sherrod, Sherron Watkins, Coleen Rowley, etc etc etc, up and down the ranks. Mostly down, so we don’t hear about them, but it takes more, not less courage, the less power you have.)

    If he wants to use gendered insults and reverse the genders, fine. At least that wouldn’t feed existing bias. But why even quote that stuff until people examine their thinking and language enough to be somewhere within general sight of the target?

  2. I have to agree with quixote. I guess this feminism stuff is starting to work itself into my old gray head, thirty years too late. 🙁

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