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  1. count me as part of that 29%.
    On a related note, I finally got my 401k forms for the new job. This time I decided to be smart about my investments and spoke with C’s dad, who worked for Merrill Lynch for years. We went over the funds and his basic outlook was “this is not the dawning of a new American century. If you want to invest well, bet against America: the dollars going to continue to go south, treasuries are a bad bet too, try to avoid domestic stock.”

    Sad, but wtf you gonna do. Gotta take care of yourself.

  2. Yeah, you can count me in the 29% you see the US in a depression. I marvel at the media who do only occasional and superficial stories about what people do when UI benefits and their savings run out. There’s so much you can’t buy when you don’t have money — for example, medication, food, rent, replace worn out clothes.

  3. Only 29%????

    Hell, they can probably add another 20% if they really want to be honest: of course we’re in a depression, but let’s don’t scare the shit outa’ the shmucks who think they’ll be able to find a descent job anytime soon, if ever!

    Fuck ’em, let’s piss on ’em, and tell ’em it’s raining………..

  4. Is he a Republican? Because I don’t believe treasuries are going down. If that happens, the world economy is too screwed to worry about investments.

  5. Is he talking about treasuries rate of return (they have pretty low interest rates) or “going down” as in the US defaulting or something?

    I imagine the first, but…?

    China is making a point of diversifying…and slowly getting out of some of its treasury notes.

  6. former republican. I may have scrambled the actual wording, but my notes say “predicts rise in US Rates as world forsakes treasury”.

    I’m speaking with him today, because the geniuses that run our retirement plan sent out a whole bunch of funds for which we’re not eligible, and omitted a bunch that of others that we ARE eligible for. So when we speak, I’ll ask for clarification

  7. 29 percent (depression) plus
    26 percent (recession) plus
    16 percent (slowing down) say,

    Barack Obama has a 71 percent chance of losing the election.

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