2 thoughts on “Weather

  1. Don’t fret too much. Take it from someone who’s lived their life in tornado alley, if it’s a short trigger warning, by the time you see or hear it the tornado’s already on you or passed you by.

  2. I feel fortunate that my county has an excellent early warning system. There are sirens that go off if conditions are ripe for tornadoes. You are right, Ron, visibility is real poor here where I live and the tornado may be right there in a flash. The sirens go off as well when the danger has past. Considering the violent weather we have had down here in the past few weeks, I am very grateful.
    Tornadoes scare the be-jeez-bus out of me!

    A few years ago, when we had epic flooding here, the county robo called residents to warned them the water supply was compromised.

    Who said gubmit is ineffective?

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