7 thoughts on “Very useful

  1. Thanks. Even though I read the Times on-line, I forget that Pogue does the computer/tech column on a Thursday.

  2. Sorry, I can’t read it because I have already hit my 20 articles a month limit.

  3. susie, I know you’ll be busy tonight with your dinner party but I thought you’d get a kick out of this site I just discovered. Even though it’s off-topic from this post, I hope you won’t mind. It gives you the #1 hit song for the day, month and year you select. I could spend hours there and probably will.


  4. Susie, I bet you know the answer to this. I got a pop-up from NYT saying I’d hit my limit for free articles, but it still lets me through each time I click a link. Do you know why that is? Am I going to be hit with charges? And how would they charge me?

  5. My guess is, not that many people are buying subscriptions and they still need the page hits for the ads.

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