3 thoughts on “‘An accident waiting to happen’

  1. There are reports today of a factory, subcontracting for Apple, making iPads in China blew up and killed several workers. One theory is that there was an accumulation of flammable dust that caught fire and exploded, very much like what happened in the UBB mine. And most probably for the same reason: cutting corners, ignoring safety rules, and not providing properly working equipment.

    Except that Apple’s CEO is a celebrity and a cultural hero and the former CEO of Massey Energy is a thug. Why is that?

  2. “Why is that?”

    Because Bloody Don Blankenship killed his neighbors where all could see it. Steve Jobs was very far away with an alibi for something that most people don’t know about.

    Make no mistake, I agree that both should be brought to justice, but one is an easier target.

  3. You don’t have to tell me. For some reason, the people who have fallen under the spell of Apple’s persuasive marketing strategies have convinced themselves that Apple is a moral company. It would cost $3 more per item to make them safely, in the U.S. — but that’s too much money for them.

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