Christmas in May

Some of the neighbors near the arts fest yesterday were having yard sales, and I scooped up a box of those porcelain Christmas cottages and accessories for $5.

I showed my neighbor, and she wrinkled her nose. “You like those things?” she said.

“Yeah, I do,” I said. “Plus, I figure sooner or later, I’m going to be a grandmother, and that’s the kind of thing little kids love.”

The guy who sold them told me he and his wife are “really, really into Christmas.”

“So why are you getting rid of these?”

“I replaced them with a complete reproduction of the Wildwood boardwalk,” he said. “I even made the boardwalk out of individual pieces of balsa wood.” (Wildwood is the blue-collar beach town known for a huge boardwalk – “Las Vegas by the sea,” I call it.)

That just tickled me. I love these little enthusiasms that get us through the day, don’t you?

What’s your hobby? Other than smashing the oligarchy, I mean.

6 thoughts on “Christmas in May

  1. I collected souvenir spoons for a while. I think that one will come back. I had snow globes for a while, til they froze and burst. The ones I had were really beautiful, and glass. I haven’t found anything to replace them with. Circus animal christmas ornaments are an ongoing thing.

  2. McCoy pots and assorted old and new pottery, I like the old glass Christmas ornaments, old cameras (especially Pentax K 1000’s and lenses, souvenir coffee mugs ( I always pick one up at an airport layover. )

  3. I have a collection of some 30-odd kaleidoscopes. My Christmas ornaments are snowflakes and stars and a few hand-blown glass balls. The hobbies are crocheting and jewelry making — I have a yarn stash and bead collection around the apartment.

  4. My brother and I spent a good hour on the phone today smashing the oligarchy (well, in our heads anyway). Afterward we talked about cooking; he described a new recipe he’s trying out tonight and wished he was there yesterday to share in the beans-and-cornbread lunch I made our dad. A good home-cooked meal for the family is one of those little things that make us both feel good.

  5. boohunney — When I took my current apartment, it came with a terrace and the living room has a south-southwest orientation. It struck immediately as the perfect place for someone who loves art glass and has kaleidoscopes. Lots of natural light.

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