Oh thank God

That no one will have to suffer through the pain of waiting for their new iPad, the purchase of which makes you a more discerning, intelligent and charming person:

Three people are dead and 15 others were injured in an explosion at a new Chinese factory operated by the Foxconn Technology Group, which makes Apple’s iPhones and iPads, late last week.

The blast and a subsequent fire, triggered by combustible dust, hit a manufacturing centre in Chengdu in southwest China’s Sichuan province about 7pm local time last Friday.

Of those injured, six were treated at a local hospital and released, the company said in an emailed statement. The fire triggered by the blast was later extinguished, Edmund Ding, a company spokesman, said by phone.

He declined to say what products the factory makes or estimate any financial loss related to the accident. Initial findings show the accident was caused by an explosion of combustible dust within a duct at the facility, the statement said.

Analysts said the explosion would have a limited impact as the base isn’t a main production site.

Foxconn makes most of the iPhones and iPads at its base in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, according to Vincent Chen, head of Greater China technology research at Yuanta Securities.

“The Chengdu plant is primarily for computer assembly and the iPad assembly is being pilot run,” Chen said.

“Foxconn is a very professional manufacturer and is very experienced in making adjustment in times of crisis, and the impact should be very minimal.”

3 thoughts on “Oh thank God

  1. “Minimal adjustments in times of crisis.” Sounds like they plan to do the bare minimum to get by.

  2. Collected dust. Seems the Shirtwaist Factory fire was caused when accumlated dust combusted….

    Not all that different. Where are the safety regulations?

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