One thought on “Right wing racist wack job

  1. “Viva la raza blanca?” That’s kind of sick and funny at once. Unfortunately, his new speech writer is not gonna change a thing. He’s toast. Gingrich is pretty benign now, but, he did make a blue print for right wing crazy. Now it is going extreme. I lived in his district when he first became a congressman. Oh, lord! He was just loved, until he wasn’t. Redistricting for Congress put him in the part of Atlanta (mostly Cobb County) where he could exploit donations from the white flight crowd and build his bank account. That’s what he is doing now. He has got someone that can tap the money from the “true believers” of the wingnut crowd. He is a grifter, just like Sarah Palin. Expect new book. The sad thing is that he had the reputation of being an excellent history professor at my alma mater, the University of West Georgia. The history department oversaw the debate team and it was always in the national finals with Harvard and other reputable schools. So I guess the man was gifted, but, it how he used he gifts that are questionable.

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