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  1. Hell, I’ve saying it OUT LOUD SINCE 01/25/2009 when he fully participated in the big money bailout for the banksters on the one hand, while saying help was on the way for Main Street with the other.
    Oh, how much I wanted to believe the guy, first black president, young, handsome, great family man—–a black John Kennedy, had everyone excited and filled with hope. Hadn’t seen so many folks of all stripes in the DC Mall since MLK gave his “Dream Speech”!

    Yeah, I’m black and dissapointed because Obama has proven that American politics IS what I always thought it was.

  2. What the hell do you mean, ‘allowed?’ We’ve been saying these things for the last two years.

  3. Silly, Wabbits, it took our country a long time to shoot for the ditch we are in. It is going to take a while to fix it. The crazies have to be exposed and that is happening. I cringe when I think the belief is people of a certain race, or of a certain economic class, a certain religion, a certain geography have a monolithic opinion. Of course, anyone is allowed to say it. Go ahead and scream it from the rooftops. The more vocal people are in their beliefs, the more they can’t be ignored. Yes, the statistics are grim, but, I think the more bipartisanship fails (exposing the crazy) the closer we get for Obama to be able to get all “LBJ” on it.

  4. Boohunney, seriously, why on earth do you imagine that Obama has any inclination “to get all ‘LBJ’ on it”? I think he is quite satisfied with the status quo.

  5. And Susie, no, in large parts of the leftish blogosphere (see John Cole’s Balloon Juice for instance) you are not allowed to be too vocal in questioning Obama. Even the mildest objection to Obama’s action or inaction will be dismissed with the routine “perfect is the enemy of the good” bullshit and the skeptic will be labeled at minimum a “purity troll” or, if the criticism hits a little too close to home the default response is to screech “Racist!”

  6. I was being ironic. Of course you’re not allowed to question Obama! That would make us “emo progressives” — a condescending piece of dismissive bullshit if ever I heard one.

  7. Otis, the snail’s pace of change is frustrating, no doubt. But, once again, the crazy has to be exposed before any real action can be taken. I think some foundations have to put down before real change can happen and have solid support from the public.

    Look at what has happened. Wisconsin, for example. The state leaders were voted in and Scott Walker began his war on the state employees. The clowns were exposed and now there are recall efforts. Exposed!

    During the HCR town halls the teabaggers were holding signs “Hands off my Medicare” that were given to them by Freedom Works. “Don’t Pull the Plug on Grandma!” What is the right trying to do now? Pull the plug on Grandma! Exposed!

    No matter your opinion on the assassination of OBL, whether you think we should have brought him into custody, the fact is the mission gave us a much better idea of his real power and he was exposed as more of a “Boogeyman.” 2 wars against terrorism? Humm, looking more like a financial windfall for the military industrial complex to more people.

    The old structures have to be made unstable.

    The good news this weekend? The Big Banks rigged the Linkedin IPO, blatantly. This will chip away at the idea that the financial meltdown was caused by “the brown people” buying houses they couldn’t afford.

    Citizens’ United decision’s consequences are coming to light.

    I could go on. But, you see my point. It took us a good 45 years to get to this place. It going to take more than 3 years to turn it around.

    I not saying don’t question Obama! Heaven’s no! Question it all!

  8. Alas, Scott Walker and enough Repubs to ruin things were voted in because Obama et al did so terribly little to help the little people. Trillions for the banksters, the Too Big To Fail and…HAMP chokeholds for the lesser earners facing unemployment and foreclosures, now homelessness and no health care.

    If Obama had at least tried to be the 21st Century’s FDR or LBJ, the Dems would have increased their hold on Congress and the statehouses and governorships. If Obama had worked for single payer, instead of ensuring it was “off the table,” Dems and indies would have rushing to vote for Dems.

    And civil liberties? Getting us back to rule of law? Upholding the values of the Constitution? Transparency in governing. Ack.

    No, Obama accomplished a lot: He’s well on the way to destroying the Democratic Party as the party which work for the little people.

  9. And don’t forget what Obama said to Harry Bellafonte: “Cut me some slack.” He does not want us to “make him do” the right things.

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