7 thoughts on “Cuckoo

  1. Climate weirding, they’re beginning to call it. The extreme localized weather events that result from a warming atmosphere.

    For example – the extreme snowfalls you’ve been experiencing the past two winters, snowfalls my Mom doesn’t experience not even a hundred miles north and slightly west. The result of the North Atlantic Conveyor collapsing, because the glaciers on Greenland are melting. This has happened before (ice-dam above what is now the St. Lawrence Seaway), and from the geological record we can infer happening now.

  2. If this cloud cover doesn’t break soon I’m going to hurt someone.

  3. I grew up in a bit southwest of Milwaukee, WI, and I don’t recall tornadoes as being something we worried about. But in southwestern WI they were factors.

    I also have the impression that tornadoes used to be seen more in open areas and, for whatever reason, seemed to stay away from built up urban centers.

    I don’t now if my memory is correct — but tornadoes, strong, huge, fiercely powerful are sure hitting urban areas now.

    Is that just a factor of more built up areas?? Or….?

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