Selfish bastards

That solid 75%+ of voters who don’t support cuts to Social Security!

I remember how shocked the organizers of last year’s Catfood Commission town hall were were people said emphatically that they would rather cut the military than Social Security. Apparently the Little People aren’t as pliable as they used to be.

2 thoughts on “Selfish bastards

  1. Versailles courtiers and officials DO NOT WORK FOR US.

    It’s that simple — they probably read those polls and think, well, how can we fool these rubes to get their votes. Or distract them. Security worked really well for Bush/Cheney — will Obama be able to get away with using it?

    Dem voters usually expect a bit more, but, who knows…. I’m pretty pessimistic. Lots are still stuck in the 1%-better-than approach.

  2. Little people are pliable when you tell them what they think. Asking them is always troublesome.

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