One thought on “The 99ers

  1. Been out of work for 90 days. 400 resumes and contacts made. 1 interview. I wasn’t planning on an early retirement. Mr Boohunney and I several years ago planned our finances for the possibility that one of us would be out of work at some point before 65. But, I have had to “reinvent” myself a few times since coming of age in the ’80’s. I am so afraid of becoming a 99er. The textile mills and all have shut down here and I can’t even be a “lint head” which I would proudly become. And I have a college degree and I know Excel and still the opportunities are not in my grasp. Well, at least the weather is nice and I can put the vegetable garden down….. lemonade from lemons! 🙂 My hostas look great!

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