One thought on “What the internet is hiding from you

  1. I have internet and phone with Charter. Whenever I do a search for something, on Google, it’s not long afterward that I get a phone call from that particular company wanting me to listen to them (sometime it’s a robocall but not always) and buy something. Forget Facebook!

    Yahoo is the same. I searched for jeans once and, suddenly, there were ads for that company all over my yahoo mail.

    Here’s an interesting tidbit, as well. Am I being paranoid? You tell me. When I apply for a job online, I often receive emails and phone calls related to items in the job application. They will actually ask you to answer questions from another company.

    Also, there’s this. Home Depot, for example, asks you to answer questions to determine whether or not they can receive tax credits. Maybe this is not weird, but to me, it’s pretty goddamned weird.

    The following questionnaire can be completed in less than three minutes. Providing the requested information may allow The Home Depot to take advantage of federal and state tax credits if you are hired. Completion of this form is voluntary and your responses will not be viewed by The Home Depot store personnel when making employment decisions. Please click “Yes” to participate. If you have already completed the WOTC questionnaire you do not need to take the questionnaire again.

    Anyway, I guess this is just the way of things now. I’m still unemployed and HATE giving my SS# over the internet to apply for a job. But I do it. But I HATE it. But I do it.

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