2 thoughts on “Deep thought

  1. I had a VERY depressing Memorial Day weekend at my place in upstate PA. One of the most beautiful streams on the East Coast is flooded out (running so high and fast and muddy it is dangerous to get near it) at a time when it is usually beautiful (even the spring-fed streams flowing out of the mountains are high, fast and flooded) because of the weather pattern of nothing but rain for two months, which I fear means that we will have another summer of drought there – last year it was as brown and dusty as the Dustbowl. One of the MOST depressing parts was my neighbor, who is politically diametrically opposed to me, but with whom I have many spirited conversations, who is a SCHOOL TEACHER, sitting on my porch, angry and depressed because he could not fly fish as usual, telling me there is NO SUCH THING AS GLOBAL WARMING, it is naturally caused by an “earth warming period” and has NOTHING TO DO WITH MAN MADE CARBON POLLUTION. THis is what the kids are learning??? REALLY??? I couldn’t even argue with him, I was so depressed. I fear for the fate of our children, with global warming AND frakking to deal with, PLUS the nuclear and coal energy industries ruling the roost. Yikes.

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