Piper Palin

That poor, misguided child:

Piper, nobody takes vacations in a tour bus with their picture and name emblazoned on the side. I know you want to believe that your mommy loves you and wants to spend time with you, but I think it’s time you understood that your mommy is a con artist, and she cares about you exactly to the extent that you help her with her next con. Sorry, kiddo.

6 thoughts on “Piper Palin

  1. Think of it this way; she’s learning how to use and manipulate people from a master. I think those skills will take her far in life.

  2. Eh. With very few exceptions (the Clintons come to mind), virtually all political kids get trotted out for the media. The Palins are really no different here. And I think you can debate whether it’s better to take the kids along or go weeks or months without seeing them (as some politicians do). I have many things to criticize Sarah Palin about, but this seems par for the course for politicians and media stars. I also can’t help but notice how she seems to get so much criticism for being a bad mother when male politicians rarely get the same scrutiny over 1) using their children and/or 2) simply never seeing their children. Didn’t Barack Obama go for weeks or months at a time in 2008 without seeing his kids? Or am I misremembering?

  3. Honestly though, how old will this child be before someone tells her the hard truth about her mom? Between that mother and the rest of the family, who undoubtedly validate her, do we really expect a child to stand up to all of that? I hope she survives her childhood and breaks free one day, but she has years to go yet before that becomes an option.

  4. Hopefully, “Sairie” is saving some of that money for Piper’s future therapy needs. The less attention we pay to “Sairie” (Jawja pronunciation) the more irrelevant she will become.

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