A very low bar

Apparently Chris Lehane doesn’t understand just how low our expectations of politicians are:

Chris Lehane, a Democratic consultant who helped former President Bill Clinton through his cheating scandal, said Edwards’ errors were particularly egregious even in an American society used to seeing political leaders stumble.

“The conduct went beyond what people expect and assume from politicians,” Lehane said.

No Wall Street executives indicted yet, by the way. No new JOBS.

And nothing on global warming.

Other than that, we’re cool!

One thought on “A very low bar

  1. I’m not defending John Edward’s behavior, but what put him at the top of the list to be indicted? I can’t help but wonder if it is to make an example of him. He was the only candidate who talked about poverty and class. Was there an effort to exploit his weakness and destroy him? There almost is a pattern.

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