3 thoughts on “Guantanamo suicides

  1. This article raises more questions than it answers.
    I don’t understand all the going-on about “dying by mechanical asphyxiation.” People die from being hung by the neck, although it seems to me most people who were hanged died of a broken neck – that was the point of the trapdoor. We still do not know who hanged them. I don’t read French, or I would go back and look to see what there is about their hands and feet being tied. There should be evidence as to whether that happened before or after death. It seems to me that if their hands were tied before they died, there was foul play.
    The discussion about Zuhoor is totally meaningless. We have no idea about the credibility of any of that – of Zuhoor, of the person reporting that he said that, anything.
    I have to wonder – were there prisoners in the paddy wagons when they went down that road? If there were, does anyone think they were being transported to the Navy Chapel, Like Dr. Kaye implies?
    And what is that line about it being unbelievable that so many people would lie?

  2. If people don’t nail down actual details (like how many roads there are in the camp), they’ve undermined their own credibility and you have to wonder what else they missed. I’m not advocating for either side — I’m just pointing out that the opinions of truly concerned people may differ, and it’s a herculean task to assess all the facts. Sometimes our determination to be right can blind us. I know a little something about this, being a blogger and all. I’m often wrong! Thank God for readers who point that out.

  3. I agree, actually. We know nothing. And somebody in authority might actually want to look into it.

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