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Economist Dean Baker:

Well, someone has to stop blathering nonsense about the debt and start talking about creating jobs. There is no employer in the country who is going to hire people because the government cut the deficit. They will hire people when they see demand. This will come from the government spending money. That should be simple enough for even a politician or political reporter to understand.

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  1. From Politico, right?


    Quotes from lots of Dems, Repubs, political advisers, analysts, professors, etc. What I wonder is what the public will do when the employment situation is either just slightly improved or just about the same. Polls indicate people are disgusted with the Repub House. Might there be a vote for a Repub president with a more solidly Dem Congress? Or a vote all their sorry asses out of DC…. Might Obama win if the Repubs nominate a very rightwing candidate and he’s the 1% better? What if they do nominate a Pawlenty (typing that made me almost throw up a little) or Huntsman? Mitt the downsizer?

    Too early to worry about that; as Baker says, now is the time take action to create jobs. The only entity able to do that would be the Federal government, so…not much hope there.

    Where will help come from?

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