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  1. Probably the infected employee contaminated the sprouts. That’s how I got shigella (nasty, nasty bacterial dysentery) in grade school – from a cafeteria worker. I was one of 17 cases in all of New York state that year.

    The other factor no one mentions is how many people are taking acid-reducing drugs these days. Stomach acid nukes a whole lot of bacteria before they can latch onto the intestines.

    I’m still happily sprouting three trays of assorted greens. If I get worried, I’ll take the seeds into the lab and put them under UV light for a half-hour or so. Die, bacteria, die!

  2. “In the meantime, it appears Germany’s hospital system is having a hard time handling the outbreak”

    You know that the talking heads will use this as a point against any kind of rational healthcare plan. I can almost hear Hannity and such saying see government healthcare kills people. Which of course is further from the truth than just about anything.

  3. I’m a cynic and I don’t even need a reason for it.

    I don’t believe a bit of this.

    At any rate, where is the regulation? Is there any regulation? I’m going to assume that there IS no regulation of anything, anywhere, kind of like there is in the United States.

    Yes, I’m always “conspiracy theory”, all the time. That’s only because I see how shameful humans are. Or maybe I should say “shameless”.

    Same thing.

    Left Behind Leftist

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