4 thoughts on “Groupons

  1. Remember back when some of us were proposing a way to get the “government option” single-payer plan by extending Medicare to those under 65? What we go instead was what they are calling “ObamaCare”, which is mandated private insurance with (we hope) some kind of low priced policies available and (we hope) government subsidies.

    What the Ryan plan does is turn our hopes inside out and instead of expanding Medicare to those under 65, he is extending “ObamaCare” to those over 65. I think it is quite clever, because now how can President Obama and the congressional leadership object to their own principle?

    This is why I think that they are going to succeed in getting what they want, despite all the howling from the Democrat side. They already lost the argument when they accepted the principle of private insurance with “vouchers” two years ago.

    This is very similar to how Obama lost the argument when he accepted the principle that there should be some kind of “tax cuts” for some people, or that there was some need at some level to “reduce the “deficit”. At that point he had already lost the argument, and the only thing left was to negotiate how much to cut. Since you are “negotiating” with people whose only goal is to cut absolutely everything to zero, you are pretty much going to lose everything.

    You cannot argue or negotiate with crazy ruthless ideologues who are willing to say, “We don’t negotiate with evil, we defeat it.” You have to stand up and fight back, but you can’t do that if you have to worry about upsetting the markets.

  2. BTW, whenever the President’s plan comes into effect, MY plan is to compare that minimum insurance policy to the penalty and take the lower cost option. I expect that this will result in paying the penalty and going without insurance that I can’t afford anyway.

    What is the provision for people like me, if I end up uninsured anyhow? If I get hit by a car and taken to the emergency room, what are they going to do?

  3. Yes, I did see the similarities between the Obama plan and Ryan’s. I was wondering when someone was going to notice. It’s still Groupons!

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