One thought on “Yep

  1. Ooh, that should get them! Such strong, strong words! I’ll bet Mitch McConnell (our “friend” from Kentucky, from across the aisle of bipartisanship) is seriously considering the error of his ways. Such serious, serious words. Surely, his plaintive cry for seriousness will not go unheeded. Heed me now, and take me seriously later, such a speech will surely go down in the history books. Surely. He is the Daniel Fucking Webster of Nevada. No, wait! Heed! The Cato! No, wait! He is the Ovid, the Ovid of the Silver State. His limp, dulcet tones of supreme seriousness, yes, list! Seriousness . . . why, with such Orphean lyricism, and irrefutable logic, he could seriously get a job writing, and possibly delivering, the minority response to whoever delivers the 2013 State of the Union address. No, I’m being absolutely serious. He’s really that good. List! Heed! Attend to these serious strong words of strong seriousness. So serious. And so strong.

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