3 thoughts on “Attacking from the left

  1. Nothing really new here. Obama is the same arrogant, blind-as-a-goddamned-bat asshole that he’s always been……………

  2. Why is it that Dems only react to this shit. Rethugs have been hard at the job of destroying everything that is good about America since the turn of the 20th Century and Dems have to go on the defensive about it. I guess this is another example of money well spent when the amoral brain-damaged right bought American media.

  3. I linked to this over at Corrente, related it to some of those rightwads who want another steep downturn so they can blame it on Obama and the Dems. Too bad the Dems can’t naysay them, since they’re following Obama’s lead into such a downturN!

    Here’s the comment:

    Short term default+strict austerianism= depression…logically follows-

    That may be exactly what the Repubs want, since they will blame all bad outcomes on the Dems — and the Dems seem unable to reply effectively. Perhaps because they’ve completely lost their moorings, and, with at least the Neolib Corporatists actually wanting the best outcomes for big bidness and the uberwealthy, they can’t reply cogently. Otherwise they undermine their Neolib Corporatist president.

    That leaves the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, which also seems rudderless under this cool, young black president — who is a Neolib Corporatist . They can’t attack his programs or goals without possibly losing some of the black base of the Dem Party.

    Is a conumdrum.

    Susie Madrak linked to a Greg Sargent piece about the Repubs already attacking the Dems on Medicare from the left , claiming that it’s the Dems who are destroying, undermining Medicare and SocSec. Gotta hand it to these Repubs — they will say anything and never even slightly blush about their own lies. Sociopaths? Psychopaths? Some kind of pathology, for sure. But, they succeeded in the 2010 elections doing just that — and fooled enough people to get away with it. And why not, when Obama keeps making noises about doing just that? And to SocSec too?

    Puts Dems between a rock and a hard place.

    I suggest they move to the left and get away from those Repubs and Neolib Corporatis Dems.


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