Piling on

The morality police are leading the purge. I just called Allyson Schwartz’s office (she’s my representative) to complain about this. Meh.

I said I was sick of the way Democrats didn’t back their own members, that nobody made David Vitter resign even though HE broke the law. I said I didn’t care what pictures of what were floating around, that Anthony Weiner was one of the few Democrats in Congress who stood up for progressive policies and that I was just disgusted at how Dems were piling on.

Of course, now he’s history.

Her phone number is 202/225-6111.

UPDATE: As if this couldn’t be any more of a circus, turns out Weiner’s wife is pregnant.

3 thoughts on “Piling on

  1. Well, at least Breitbart has lost his ace in the crotch to blackmail Weiner on Congressional votes.

    When Breitbart announced he had a photo which would force Weiner to resign, I figured it was the dreaded cock shot and he could threaten Weiner with it whenever he wanted to try to control him in some way. I was actually hoping Weiner himself put it out to regular media (and let them handle the taste and FCC matters), but at least get himself out from under the thumb of Breitbart.

    Now, however, Dems are acting like the whimps they’ve been showing themselves as whenever someone on the left gets attacked by the Rightwad Blogger Brigades (well, by James Kwak and Breitbart…).

    Now, have these same prudes called for Thomas to step down from the Supreme Court? His sexual harrassment was done to women without their consent. At least the women sexting to Weiner knew what they were doing and responsded.

    Leave his reelection up to HIS constituents and STFU. Let them firgure out if he has the good judgement to remain in office when he –or someone with access to his Twitter or FB– knew that conservative vigilantes were patrolling everything he sent out. A woman who had been warned by the Patriot76er group had been removed as from Weiner’s list of friends.

    I’m beginning to dread these self-righteous prude patrols that set out from Dem HQ and other lefty hangouts. And I’m squirming about laughing at the upstate NY Republican who sent a chest shot to a woman on Craig’s List. Which was uninvited, however.

    Poll in his district say 51% do not want him to resign, but that was taken before news of the cock shot.

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