White House to Senate: Your jobs bill is too big

Do you fucking believe that?

[T]he need for smart investments that help America win the future must be balanced with the need to control spending and reduce the deficit.

“Win the future,” otherwise known as “WTF?”

Call your senators today. Tell them you don’t give a shift about the deficit, you want a jobs bill.

4 thoughts on “White House to Senate: Your jobs bill is too big

  1. I am old and have given up hope of ever finding a job beyond working part time for minimum wage in a supermarket. (They like to hire old people because we are already broken in and too broken down to cause trouble.) But if you are young enough to have hope for a future, you need to wake up to this reality: the big money corporations are in charge and nobody in the government is on your side. You have to do something to protect yourselves.

  2. Obama’s objective? Win the Future.

    For the Republicans, as they’re the best at the Corporatist political game. He’s the placeholder, creating enough disgust with Democratic incompetence and inaction to get another Repub in the WH.

    Give me another reason he’s acting as he does!

  3. Aravosis writes a funny:

    Lots of folks have been complaining for a while that the White House had no message on jobs. Well, now they do: “Think small.”

    Bitter laughter. Bitter harvest.

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