4 thoughts on “Losing PA

  1. Good. He doesn’t deserve a second term. Given all the lies he told about how liberal he was and all the liberal-supported policies he would enact with his mandate to change the government, he has completely lost his credibility on every single issue that matters to the electorate. More than that: He has heaped scorn on the individuals who make up his own base. He is the living embodiment of George W. Bush’s third term. I highly doubt there is anything he can say that anyone can take at face value outside Versailles on the Potomac.

  2. “…defections among Democrats…”. No kidding. How many times do you insult the base that got your elected and expect them to remain loyal? And how many times do Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, and Indiana go Democratic in the same election? About every 44 years, that’s how often.

    The Versailles Democrats think we have no alternatives. Nonsense. Greens. Whigs. Social Worker whatevers. Let’s get creative.

    But in any case, never, never, never again “Vote the L.O.T.E.” (lesser of two evils). Screw that. Vote for those who represent policies you truly believe in, no matter how small their party might be.

  3. Obama seems unable to do things which the voters, know need doing. He is, well, ideologially rigid.

    He seems to bend if it affects getting donations (gays tend to donate a lot and he did finally do some things they wanted and thought he was going to do, but it took threats of no more money).

    Actually, I hate that I even wonder about his psyche and mental outlook. His philosophy. He only talks about it to bamboozle.

    Only his actions matter, and those lead me to saying a big NO to him for reelection.

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