3 thoughts on “Wow

  1. We had torrential rain and hail the size of big marbles here in the hudson valley. It’s cooler, thank goddesses.

  2. just got home. can’t recall ever seeing so much steam rising off the streets. and my planters are filled with ice. and i’m still f’in sweating.
    must have been 120 at work today. you know it’s bad when you walk out and even though it’s 100 degrees out, it feels alike a/c compared to inside. all i can say is thank god it’s beer week.

  3. Sorry to hear about the heat, but we haven’t had any appreciable moisture in the wild west since before Christmas. Match that up with 6% humidity for the past several weeks and you get Arizona (the sky still looks like Armageddon). I guess the bottom line is pick you poison. And for dog’s sake don’t mention climate change!

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