So far, nothing to change my cranky mood. For one thing, I lost my all-important cell-phone headset somewhere in the Philadelphia airport.

The day didn’t start well. The security line for the B terminal was so long, they told us to go over to the A terminal. Well, the A terminal wasn’t exactly a hop, skip and a jump away and by the time I got there, my ankle was swollen and throbbing. Then I had to go all the way back to the B terminal, and of course my gate was all the way at the end.

The plane took off a half-hour late because the runway was so backed up, I can’t get into my room for another three hours, the onsite restaurant isn’t open until dinner, and only a few of the restaurants for which the front desk clerk gave me menus actually deliver.

Free wifi in the lobby while I wait — but Fox News on the teevee.

I hate traveling. I really do.

7 thoughts on “Minnesota

  1. Argh! Sorry that the trip was so hard on you. As to the Fox News in the hotel lobby — do you carry ear plugs? They would at least cut your exposure to the crap. The orange foam ones are particularly effective.

  2. In my experience, most hotels will change the channel of the lobby TV if someone asks.

    So I _always_ ask.

    Works about 50% of the time in bars, too.

  3. I would have gone home when they asked me to change to the other line. “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.”

  4. Sorry for the tough day, Suze. But, I really do understand how difficult it is these days to get in and out of airports. I can fly for free, but I’d rather take a train if possible! Hope things get easier for you……………

  5. did you fly us airways? for some reason they always have impossibly long lines. sw is the only way to go outta philly.

  6. Yes, it was USAir. But I didn’t buy the ticket, it was bought for me so I can’t complain. If it had been anyone but USAir, I might have checked my bag.

  7. Well, goodness knows! I get cranky ALL the time. It’s never about a cell phone or headset though. Usually it’s about war and poverty and hunger and the asshole US.

    No, I am not guilt-tripping.



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