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  1. So stop using all forms of fossil fuel energy and all products processed, cultivated or transported using liquid fossils fuels. It’s that simple.

  2. As nuclear weapons can rightly be thought of as “the destroyer of worlds”, it is not much of a stretch to see that climate change can easily destroy civilizations and potentially could erase our species.



    “…There is one exceedingly critical problem with the adaptationists’ arguments. The adaptationists’ view depends heavily on the notion that climate change is linear, that is, that the slow and gradual changes we’ve seen in temperature to date will be the pattern for the future. First, they cannot know this with any certainty. Second, nonlinear changes are already showing up in the scientific observations. The rate of melting of Greenland’s vast ice sheet has picked up enormously in the last decade. In addition, the rate of increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has suddenly jumped in the same period from 1.5 ppm per year to 2.1 ppm per year. If climate change accelerates abruptly, then the notion that humans will be faced with adapting to gradual changes over time must be questioned.

    Finally, the complex global human-built systems we have created to facilitate our way of life may not be robust in the face of climate change. Complex systems in nature have had hundreds of thousands and even millions of years of vetting. Our systems are relatively new, many only a few decades old. How they would perform in the face of dramatic shifts in climate is a huge question mark. It is well to remember that by definition there are many more things that can go wrong with complex systems than simple ones. In short, complex systems tend to be more fragile. Mounting problems with our food and water supply systems are now demonstrating this fact on a daily basis…”


    Oppenheimer’s comments

  3. Well, if anyone cares to take into account the Bible’s point of view, I can give that. I won’t give chapter or verse but I’ll summarize.

    Once upon a time, there lived a creator. Time passes/stuff happens, then the creator is very sorrowful for having created part of her/his creation. S/he grieves, in fact. Then bad stuff happens for some strange reason.

    Time passes, things change/things stay the same. Then, one day, apparently, that creator’s offspring says, “Hey, remember that time when the earth was almost destroyed? Well, it’s happening again. It’s just like that last time only this time I’ve said much more about it. Most humans are fools and don’t know their anus from a hole in the ground. This is one major reason why I’ve always grieved over that part of my creation. I mean, OOPS. My Parent’s creation. My bad.

    ANYway, good luck with all that. Not really. I don’t even believe in luck.

  4. Yeah, when The Bible says that there’s climate change and that it’s bad, then I’ll believe it.

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