5 thoughts on “Nice people

  1. Try to grab a breakfast at Hell’s Kitchen, 80 9th St S: Good food and you’ll laugh at the decor. It’s got synchronicity — it’s the kind of place that that both the nuns from parochial school and that right-wing scold, Bill Bennett, warned you about. Google it.

  2. I second Hell’s Kitchen. Good food, especially breakfast, and an off the wall decor. And, yeah, Minnesotans are nice, almost too nice. The rest of us midwesterners sometimes get a little tired of it. (a little midwestern joke) Yeah, you betcha.

  3. Hell’s Kitchen is the most overrated restaurant around. It’s “great for Minnesota”. I’ve been living here for three years now and have discovered that every “great restaurant” here is five years or more behind the great restaurants elsewhere. The food at Hell’s Kitchen is a muddled mess. I can’t say I can recommend anywhere in Twin Cities for breakfast, but HK is not good.

  4. DBK, where did you transfer from?

    When I moved to NJ, I was amazed at how lousy most of the affordable restaurants were (this is 20 years ago), but I got the impression that I was supposed to lump it and to into NYC if I wanted better restaurant food. And, in NYC, I found that reasonably priced food was better — and less salty as well.

    Here in Morris County, when looking for some ethinic foods, I was told I had to go the the City for things like that!

    Things have improved. But, in Milwaukee, there were some really good places that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. In NJ, when I first got here, anything really good was very expensive.

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