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  1. Since we have no ACORN, perhaps the Walkervilles in Fitzwalkerstan can try out registering voters and organizing ways around GOP voter Fraud inWisconsin. We need a voter activation agency of some sort.

  2. “Thanks to the Democrats….”

    Gee, let’s do a study on whether sex feeling good has anything to do with population growth. I mean, people–in Congress–needed the GAO to tell them ACORN was harmless? That’s sad. Well, at least it’s in the record, for what that’s worth. And no, I don’t believe our Democrats needed the GAO to tell them which way the wind is actually blowing; they know, goddamit, they know. They’re just too … too … spineless is not enough, though fucking spineless gets a little closer. They really do have to be living in a hermetically sealed box in order to be able to look themselves in the mirror every morning.

  3. they are cowardly losers who participate in their own ritualized humiliation.
    i have literally no use for them, and will be voting Green for the foreseeable future.
    gotta start somewhere, and letting the legacy parties die is a good start.

  4. I’ve come to the realization that controversy is what provides so-called Democrats the cover to do their corporate master’s will. It’s a pattern repeated almost weekly for the past decade or more. The media creates a false or empty non-story out of whole cloth, makes a lot of noise about it, although no one in the public really cares. The Dems take cover saying, “I have to avoid controversy to stay elected. You don’t want another ‘craaazy’ Republican do you?” And vote – Republican. Better to be thought a coward than a Quisling, I guess. Reporting this as a story of cowardice, simply shows the smoke and mirrors not the hidden elephant.

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