The Times has a story today about Michelle Bachmann and her work as a foster parent (for some reason, they’re unwilling to touch the open secret that her husband is an “ex-gay” counselor who runs a “pray away the gay” clinic). From the comments:

In 6 years of work at a state legislature, I can say without equivocation that the most heart-wrenching testimony I ever heard was from a group of former foster children. It was not based on the fact that neither of their parents could effectively care for them or that they lacked stability in their home circumstances. It was, rather, that they had been forced to undergo various experiences of ultra-religiosity with each new set of foster parents until they finally “aged out.” Although it is not for me to judge Ms. Bachman’s intentions, it is a sad truth that many foster “parents” choose to enter into the foster care system not only for the money, but also for the opportunity to proselytize and impose their religious belief systems on vulnerable young minds.

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  1. I was once a foster parent in Illinois. According to DCFS rules, that’s not allowed, as the foster parent is supposed to respect the beliefs of the children. And Bachmann-style proselytizing is anything but.

    When we were going through the licensing process, I don’t recall any prospective set of parents in our group being gung-ho churchy. And this was not near Chicago but in Southern Illinois.

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