6 thoughts on “DIY air conditioner

  1. Fun to play with, but chilling down those icepacks will add more heat to the room than the DIY a/c will remove… unless the fridge is located somewhere else.

    Yeah, I’m a spoilsport, but so is the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

  2. We used a big canner pot and a big bag of ice from the store. Set the pot on a table with a towel under it and put a fan on the table behind it to blow air over the ice. This is the way they produced air conditioning in the movie theaters in the old days.

  3. The first cooling apparatus on record was made by American physician Dr. John Gorrie of Apalachicola, Florida. In the 1830s Dr. Gorrie designed a machine that in essence was a fan which blew across a container of ice for cooling hospital rooms.

    Similarly in 1881 when President James Garfield was dying a group of naval engineers constructed a machine which blew air through cloth saturated with melted ice water. The device could lower the room temperature by 20 degrees but used a half a million pounds of ice in just two months.


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