So they’re selling off pieces of Greece to pay for the bankers’ losses. How nice, to gamble at the casino and know someone else will always cover you when you lose.

In case this was discussed so long ago you’ve forgotten, we’ve propped up banks that are in really bad shape for the past three or so years, instead of letting them crash and rebuild — which most economists (including Krugman) recommended. Instead, the administration chose the “extend and pretend” policy so beloved by Wall Street. That is, if we just all pretend everything’s going to be okay, eventually it will be.

You see how well that’s worked out. But apparently anyone who criticizes Obama is only angry because of Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Night of the Living Dead.
    But the confidence faeries will beat back the zombie bond vigilantes and save us all. Huzzah!!

  2. Leave Clinton out of this. She probably would have had Larry Summers and Bob Rubin in the same capacities or worse. Plus hubby negotiating NAFTA-style trade deals with S. America and S. Korea to boot, or getting out to tell everyone about “shared sacrifice.” They’re all awful. On economic issues, not a shred of difference between either of them and any one of the Republican candidates. One thing she wouldn’t have done: she wouldn’t have been so petty as to indict John Edwards’s penis.

  3. My point exactly. All those impassioned arguments about how Obama was clearly so much better than the evil Clinton look kind of silly now.

  4. I supported Clinton because I felt Obama was just another Corporate Democrat. Then again, I thought Clinton was as well, but I figured she’d fight for things and get us a much better health care reform bill than we got.

    They are all awful and there isn’t any difference between them as some folks like to pretend on economic issues, as was mentioned. On social issues, well, social issues ARE economic issues. Equality for women? Economic issue. Equality for gays? Economic issue. Civil liberties? Economic issue. Access to legal, safe abortions? Economic issue (you get women equality in economic issues and see how fast abortion becomes a smaller, less significant issue).

  5. Interesting hour on Guns and Butter, archive available on WBAI, with Max Keiser, filmmaker, former Wall Streeter, now analyst and muckraker who calls the current banksters’ tactics “terrorism.”

    He said he was in Greece for the recent huge demonstrations in the square and ran into Steve Forbes, who was there for a meeting of the International Chamber of Commerce, which was meeting in Athens to provide information on what is up for sale and how low Greece’s national industries can be bought during the FIRE sale.

    He foresees Greece having to sell off parts of its territory, the Greek islands, along with everything else.

    Asked if the banksters were surprised at the depth of the Greek citizenry’s anger, he said banksters really don’t pay attention to “citizens”: They’re either collateral damage to the banksters making their deals or they’re the means of paying them.

    He said the only way the Greek citizens can survive is to get rid of their government, that there is going to default sooner or later and the banksters are just trying to make sure they get what they want to steal before the people revolt and their government is removed. The government, not just the party in power.

    Keiser is fond of repeating Rousseau’s comment that when the social contract is broken, the people must revolt.

    While at the archives, Dem Now! is also good today, June 24th.

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