Hedge funders attack NJ teachers

Yes, because people who have learned to manipulate and game the economic system to make billions of dollars and have no experience with educating children (one of them who keeps a pair of brass testicles on his desk and rubs them during the trading day for good luck) are absolutely best suited to educate yours:

A new group backed by two hedge-fund founders is taking aim at New Jersey’s largest teachers union.

Better Education for Kids wants to end the use of seniority in teacher-hiring decisions, implement an effective teacher-evaluation system and weaken tenure.

Much of this conflicts with the policies of the New Jersey Education Association, or NJEA, which represents about 200,000 teachers, retirees and education professionals.

Better Education for Kids was started by New Jersey residents David Tepper and Alan Fournier, who founded the Appaloosa Management hedge fund and the Pennant Capital Management hedge fund, respectively.

It’s the first major foray from the hedge-fund community into New Jersey’s education-reform scene. Hedge-fund managers and employees have been active in New York education circles for years, as support for charter schools came into vogue.

Better Education for Kids last week launched a $1 million ad campaign. In September, the group will evaluate its next steps, with an eye toward not only this year’s November elections but also the 2013 legislative elections. In an unusual cycle, all 120 lawmakers are up for election in two straight cycles.

The group has hired two high-profile political consultants: Mike DuHaime, a Republican and top adviser to Gov. Chris Christie, and Fox & Shuffler, a lobbying firm whose founders were in top positions with former Democratic governors.

2 thoughts on “Hedge funders attack NJ teachers

  1. These are two guys I would expect to read about at a satire internet site, like “Hot Chicks with Douche Bags.” And they are pressuring NJ to dismantle its public education system? For what? They remind me of 19th century Wall Street robber barons like Jay Gould, who said “I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.”

    Seriously, what is this Zimbro publication you reference as a source? It looks like a vanity press for news, a PR hack’s dream. All fluff and bikinis, peppered with self-serving gossip. It makes “Huffington Post” look reputable and “US Magazine” look high-brow intellectual. What a bright, sparkling work of B.S.!

  2. Okay, I understand now. “Zimbro” and “Style Bistro” are the 21st century opiate of the masses: an online drug to keep the peeps quiet and distracted.

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