3 thoughts on “Hot Coffee

  1. Listening to the discussions the filmmaker had today on WNYC, I kept asking myself if our vaunted free media is capable of the most basic journalistic endeavors. Such as learning the freakin’ facts of a situation.

    It seems that if made up shit helps their lords and masters in the corporate world and politics that shit is good enough for them to promulgate far and wide and over and over.

    I was shocked at what I did not know.

  2. Before I go to the link, here’s what I think I know about that case: McDonald’s had hundreds of complaints from people who had been severely burned by their coffee before that woman had been burned; she wasn’t driving with the coffee in some careless manner as the media advertised; she has had to undergo a number (was it four) of operations to undo the damage done; the coffee was dispensed at 180 degrees, which is extremely hot and certainly will scald you badly if you spill it on yourself; the media went to great lengths to portray the victim in this case (and McDonald’s wasn’t the victim) as careless and a gold-digger.

  3. The part you probably don’t know involves the organized and successful efforts to buy the judiciary and leave consumers with no rights at all. Really, it was informative — and I thought I already knew all that stuff.

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