Unshared sacrifice

A fairly insignificant tax increase, but Christie says he’ll veto it:

TRENTON — In a vote along partisan lines, the Senate Budget Committee tonight approved a two-year income tax increase on New Jersey’s 16,000 millionaires.

Democrats say the surcharge will generate more than $500 million in additional revenue that will go largely to suburban school districts. Gov. Chris Christie has vowed to veto the tax.

[…] Senate Republicans said the tax would drive capital investment out of the state and decried the move as political.

2 thoughts on “Unshared sacrifice

  1. decried the move as political

    what a bizarre charge. of course it’s “political”, the bill was passed by politicians as part of a political process.

  2. Well, protecting the wealth of the wealthy is just “good business’: protecting the mass of people and the educations of their children is “political” (and when Christie uses that term it is very much an attack and derogatory).

    Cuome was being discussed on WNYC this morning, and the guest reporter said Cuomo’s Inner Republican” comes out frequently, but that Cuomo is much more deft in fending off the liberals of his party and keeping his ties to Wall Street below the radar.

    Now, that program, The Brian Lehrer Show, is talking about Dan Malloy in CT and saying, essentially, Malloy is too committed to the little people and is not as deft as Cuomo nor is he Republican enough.

    Seems to me the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) is working overtime to establish Neolib Corporatism as the right way to govern, that it is trying to disestablish the liberal mindset in this region.

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